Bracket 2015: Round of 64 Aftermath

Talk about some close-scoring games, and some upsets in the round of 64! A lot of brackets are already busted with the losses of Baylor and Iowa State because not many predicted that 14-seeds like Georgia State or UAB could even be solid competition for such powerhouses. We were wrong. But remember that Bracket 2015 is a marathon, not a hundred yard dash, so don’t start fretting already. Most of us can still win our office pool or tournament challenge because the points only get greater from here for each team win.

Let’s look at some results…


Duke (1) vs. Robert Morris (16) – They looked like a solid #1 in getting through this game against a far inferior Robert Morris team, but they’ll have to keep up the momentum vs. San Diego State on Sunday.

San Diego State (8) vs. St. John’s (9) – Everyone’s surprised that all the 5-seeds won, but I’m more surprised that the 8s beat the 9s across the board, and San Diego State is the team that completed that sweep.

Utah (5) vs. SF Austin (12) – And there you have it. A strong team that hadn’t been playing like it finally stepped up and avoided the upset.

Georgetown (4) vs. E. Washington (13) – This was another popular upset pick from many that I avoided because even though Georgetown isn’t tournament tough they didn’t need to be against E. Washington.

SMU (6) vs. UCLA (11) – Simply put, UCLA dominated the rebounds in this game, which was the final difference, and they proved they belong in this tournament after all.

Iowa State (3) vs. UAB (14) – If you predicted this one then you must be a better wizard than Harry Potter because Iowa State looked unstoppable coming in.

Iowa (7) vs. Davidson (10) – I definitely didn’t see that coming, that beatdown by Iowa, because the teams do match up well, but someone forgot to tell Davidson that.

Gonzaga (2) vs. ND State (15) – The Zags looked like a 1-seed in dismantling ND State, and now they look to do the same to an Iowa team that just demolished Davidson even more.


Villanova (1) vs. Lafayette (16) – The ‘Cats played like big dogs against an overmatched squad that should have just been happy to be in the tournament.

NC State (8) vs. LSU (9) – The Tigers gave it all they had, but at the end of the day NC State just had one extra basket in them in what was a classic back and forth game.

N. Iowa (5) vs. Wyoming (12) – Finally stopping the Big-12 bleeding, N. Iowa comes through in what turned out not even to be as close as advertised.

Louisville (4) vs. UC-Irvine (13) – Rick Pitino somehow does it again, snatching victory from the jaws of defeat, but will it be enough to get past another round?

Providence (6) vs. Dayton (11) – The Flyers proved that their win against Boise State wasn’t a fluke as they took it to a Providence team that seemed lost most of this game.

Oklahoma (3) vs. Albany (14) – Finally, a 3-seed looked like a 3-seed in this tournament after a slow start to this game.

Michigan State (7) vs. Georgia (10) – Michigan State proved once again that great coaching can only do so much, because they had to do it on the floor, and they were the superior team in this one.

Virginia (2) vs. Belmont (15) – Virginia looked nothing like the team that is supposed to be one of the top in the country, but they didn’t have to be against a scrappy Belmont squad that was still out of its depth but made it close anyway.


Wisconsin (1) vs. Coastal Carolina (16) – There were just a few tense moments in this one, but Wisconsin took care of business in the end, keeping the streak of 1-seeds never losing to 16-seeds alive for another year.

Oregon (8) vs. Oklahoma State (9) – Quack quack went the Ducks after disposing of that pesky Oklahoma State team that hung around far longer than I thought they would.

Arkansas (5) vs. Wofford (12) – The one shouldn’t have even been close, but Arkansas pulled out a close one against a Wofford team that almost pulled the upset.

North Carolina (4) vs. Harvard (13) – Another close one that North Carolina almost let get away from them. I’m sensing a theme.

Xavier (6) vs. Ole Miss (11) – The wrong team showed up for Ole Miss, the one that played the first half against BYU instead of the second half juggernaut.

Baylor (3) vs. Georgia State (14) – Georgia played the game of their lives in this one, but do they have anything left in the tank for Xavier?

VCU (7) vs. Ohio State (10) – Remember what I said earlier about coaches not winning games? Well, this one was won by Thad Matta adjusting to the VCU press.

Arizona (2) vs. Texas Southern (15) – Yes, Arizona played just like a 1-seed in this one. I don’t like to look ahead too far, but wow, what a game it would be if they met Wisconsin in the Elite 8!


Kentucky (1) vs. Hampton (16) – The Wildcats didn’t look nearly as dominant in the early going as they were supposed to, but they put the hammer down late and took care of business.

Cincinnati (8) vs. Purdue (9) – Cincinnati stayed consistent as they have all year, winning when they were favored to win over a Purdue team that scratched, clawed, and almost stole it.

West Virginia (5) vs. Buffalo (12) – All those upset birds made noise about the Bulls, but in the end it was West Virginia that made the loudest noise.

Maryland (4) vs. Valparaiso (13) – I guess lightning doesn’t strike twice, but this game was back and forth to the wire. Still unsure of that ending.

Butler (6) vs. Texas (11) – This one was all about pace, and Butler had too much pace for Texas to really get comfortable in this game, which is why the Bulldogs moved on.

Notre Dame (3) vs. Northeastern (14) – Can you believe a 3-seed survived the opening day massacre? But this one could have gone either way down to the last second.

Wichita State (7) vs. Indiana (10) – For most of this game it looked like the Shockers were going to go down to a more physical Indiana team, but Wichita State survived to set up a much anticipated showdown with Kansas.

Kansas (2) vs. NM State (15) – The Jayhawks get the job done, pounding the ball against NM State just like a #2 seed should have. Their reward: Wichita State in the round of 32.

Overall, my record in the round of 64 was 22-10.

The Fantasy Ace


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