Final 4 Revised Predictions


Michigan State (7) vs. Duke (1) – On paper, this seems like such a simple game, but with the way Michigan State has been playing this tournament they are proving Tom Izzo right when he said they were “making a special run.” They have no fear, and they are playing like world beaters. Why would anyone possibly bet against them at this point? Well, because Duke looked really solid in taking out Gonzaga, and they’re finally playing like a 1-seed. I think this one will be a tough game, but I’m not betting against Izzo to take his ragtag team of overachievers past Duke. Pick: MICHIGAN STATE.


Wisconsin (1) vs. Kentucky (1) – Will Kentucky go undefeated? I think this is the game that will determine that once and for all, because I think this Wisconsin team is the best team they will face all season long. After barely taking out Notre Dame, I think this Kentucky team might just be playing on borrowed time at this point. That’s because Notre Dame isn’t quite the team that Wisconsin is, and Wisconsin just dispatched the third best team in the tournament (Arizona) in pretty easy fashion down the stretch. I like Wisconsin to not only make this a challenging game, but to take it in another close one. Pick: WISCONSIN.


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