All Down the Line: Week 2

Mike+Moustakas+Kansas+City+Royals+v+Texas+QpSjF8HGVKalWeek 1 is down and you’re either congratulating yourself on a good draft and a great score, or you’re already second-guessing every single decision you made because two guys on your bench had your highest scores for the week. It happens to everyone at some point in fantasy baseball, so you’re not alone. But don’t overreact, either from a hot start or from a disappointing first week defeat. Each week it can come down to the one choice you made (or the one choice you didn’t make).

I’m here to help you make those difficult choices, though, because while statistics can tell a lot of the story, it can also be about momentum, figuring out who to start from week to week. It’s a weekly piece I like to call All Down the Line.

In each segment I will let you know three players at each position who should have a good statistical week. I’m not here to tell you to start Clayton Kershaw and Mike Trout because you’re starting them regardless every single week. Instead I’m going to tell you why Shelby Miller and Mike Moustakas are good starts this week. This is for those tough decisions you have to make on a weekly basis, so strap in and let’s go down the line(up)…


  • Stephen Vogt [OAK] @HOU, @KC
  • Ryan Hanigan [BOS] facing WAS, facing BAL
  • Alex Avila [DET] @PIT, facing CHW


  • Adam Lind [MIL] @STL, @PIT
  • Kendrys Morales [KC] @MIN, facing OAK
  • Pedro Alvarez [PIT] facing DET, facing MIL


  • Howie Kendrick [LAD] facing SEA, facing COL
  • Yangervis Solarte [SD] facing ARI, @CHC
  • Marcus Semien [OAK] @HOU, @KC


  • Mike Moustakas [KC] @MIN, facing OAK – Mike has been hot with the bat to start the year, and I don’t see any reason why he should slow down. Facing Minnesota and Oakland starting pitching should only be seen as a positive sign he should remain in your lineup.
  • Josh Donaldson [TOR] facing TB, facing ATL
  • Lonnie Chisenhall [CLE] facing CHW, @MIN


  • Xander Bogaerts [BOS] facing WAS, facing BAL
  • Alcides Escobar [KC] @MIN, facing OAK
  • Jean Segura [MIL] @STL, @PIT


  • Angel Pagan [SF] facing COL, facing ARI
  • Lorenzo Cain [KC] @MIN, facing OAK
  • Anthony Gose [DET] @PIT, facing CHW


  • Michael Pineda [NYY] 4/13 @BAL (Wei-Yin Chen), 4/19 @TB (TBA)
  • Shelby Miller [STL] 4/13 facing MIA (Mat Latos), 4/19 @TOR (Daniel Norris) – Miller has been widely criticized of late for slipping a step, but he showed in his first start of the season that he still has some quality starts in his bag of tricks. Facing a 2-start week against a slumping Latos and whomever Toronto trots out is a win-win for your fantasy team.
  • Drew Pomeranz [OAK] 4/15 @HOU (Collin McHugh)

Remember, these are recommendations based on past history and on potential in these upcoming matchups, but whatever you do don’t go chasing 2-start pitchers across the board. There are many 2-start pitchers who aren’t worth it this week. If you have a choice between a 1-start Max Scherzer and a 2-start Aaron Harang, always go with Scherzer. As always, send me any questions or lineup choice issues you have, and I’ll get to them before the next week.

Good luck!



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