The Rules of Survival: Week 5

You know, I really want to thank the Seahawks for nearly blowing that game against Detroit on Monday night. I definitely didn’t expect the offense to be as anemic as it was for the vast majority of the night, and I can’t believe I’m thanking the officials for getting that final call wrong. But, “them’s the breaks,” as my uncle used to say, and I came through unscathed yet again in Survival.

Here’s how my teams have fared through 4 weeks:

Week 1: New England def. Pittsburgh 28-21
Week 2: Cincinnati def. San Diego 24-19
Week 3: Green Bay def. Kansas City 38-28
Week 4: Seattle def. Detroit 13-10

This week offers a plethora of teams that have potentially good matchups, but as we go deeper into the season more teams will be off-limits by nature of already being chosen in previous weeks. That’s the crazy nature of Survival, but it’s what also makes the format so enticing. As usual, I start with the home teams…

Houston vs. Indianapolis
Philadelphia vs. New Orleans
Cincinnati vs. Seattle
Kansas City vs. Chicago
Atlanta vs. Washington
Baltimore vs. Cleveland
Green Bay vs. St. Louis
Tampa Bay vs. Jacksonville
Tennessee vs. Buffalo
Detroit vs. Arizona
Dallas vs. New England
Oakland vs. Denver
NY Giants vs. San Francisco
San Diego vs. Pittsburgh

Then I cross out the teams I’ve already used, and the divisional matchups. Next I look at the undefeated teams and try to analyze their chances of winning this week. For the sake of argument I rule out the teams facing undefeateds, so Dallas is gone too (besides, I don’t trust Weeden and that patchwork offense anyway). On the flipside of that coin is Atlanta, and do I trust in Matt Ryan outslinging an inconsistent Kirk Cousins for the Redskins? I absolutely do. The Falcons are a strong possibility to take out the last remaining NFC East team they haven’t beaten yet this season.

Speaking of NFC East teams, those Giants look like the last man standing, and they are facing a West Coast opponent in the 49ers who have been pitiful of late. I would also count on them to keep the train rolling, as long as Eli doesn’t suddenly get turnover happy. Every other game this week has the potential to be too close for comfort, so I’m going with the largest probability of Atlanta staying undefeated, and taking me on to next week in Survival.



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