Ace Picks: Week 10

Well, at least I picked San Francisco to win last week behind a not-weak showing by Blaine Gabbert because with so many close games going down the wire (and being decided in overtime) it was not a good week overall for picks. With the Saints and the Broncos losing what I felt were locks it also skewed the numbers, but this is a new week. This week features games that should once again be close, and so should make for good watching but maybe not easy picks.

Regardless, I’m here to help you make your picks. Every game, every week. I’m 1-0 so far by picking the Bills to win on Thursday night, so I’m playing with house money. Here are my Week 10 Ace PIcks…


Detroit @ GREEN BAY – Much has been made about Detroit not winning a game in Green Bay since 1991, and while it’s an interesting story, the Packers didn’t play that well at Lambeau their last time out, and they’re coming in off a 2-game losing streak (albeit to the top 2 defenses in the league, in my opinion). They can’t relax in this one or the Lions will catch them napping, but I don’t think Aaron Rodgers lets his team lose 3 in a row. Pick: PACKERS.

Jacksonville @ BALTIMORE – I haven’t been impressed with the Ravens this year (particularly with their defense), and now with Steve Smith out for the year and Joe Flacco throwing the ball what seems like a hundred times a game, nothing good can come from it, even at home. I like the way those young Jaguars receivers match up in this one, and Blake Bortles will make that Ravens secondary pay. Pick: JAGUARS.

Chicago @ ST. LOUIS – Nick Foles can’t seem to throw for over 200 yards in a game. Luckily he has Todd Gurley to back him up. And against the Bears, that’s the way to go anyway. While Cutler & Co. took care of business last week and didn’t turn it over, that was the Chargers defense, and this is the Rams. They take it. Pick: RAMS.

Cleveland @ PITTSBURGH – I hate picking divisional games like this, especially since the Steelers will most likely be without Ben Roethlisberger, but they are still at home, and you can run on the Browns (DeAngelo Williams, anyone?) which is what they should be doing all day long. This one will be closer than it seems,but Pittsburgh takes it. Pick: STEELERS.

Carolina @ TENNESSEE – The Titans came out blazing last week with the return of Marcus Mariota (he of the four touchdown passes), but this is a much harder test to pass, against a Panthers team that hasn’t lost since last season, and has won in just about every way imaginable. But this seems like a trap game to me, even though most experts are saying that Mariota will struggle with this defense. I disagree, and I think he proves himself, even against this foe. Tennessee wins a tight battle. Pick: TITANS.

New Orleans @ WASHINGTON – I don’t even know what to make of this Saints team anymore. They came out barrels blazing after being left for dead, and then lost a game — at home — that they should have won. What should I expect from thi this week on the road against a poor Redskins team. But wait — is this Redskins team really poor? When faced with a poor defense, Kirk Cousins steps his game up, and New Orleans counts as a poor defense. I like Washington to take out the Saints in a close one at home. Pick: REDSKINS.

Dallas @ TAMPA BAY – The Cowboys haven’t won a game since Tony Romo has been on IR, and this is really a do-or-die contest for them as they hit the road against the Buccaneers. Matt Cassel looked a lot better in the game against the Eagles last week and I think he keeps up his level of play here. Pick: COWBOYS.

Miami @ PHILADELPHIA – Just when I think the Eagles offense has turned the corner they seem to let me down, but this is the perfect setup to continue where they left off against the Cowboys on Sunday night. And I think they will take care of business against a Miami defense that has run out of gas, and that is out of sync right now. Dan Campbell, welcome to Philadelphia. Pick: EAGLES.

Minnesota @ OAKLAND – This is a battle of two erstwhile playoff contenders, and while Minnesota is tied for the lead in its division the Raiders are still looking up at the Broncos, even though they’ve been playing some solid football this season. The Raiders are at home, and I think that makes the difference here in a close one. Pick: RAIDERS.

Kansas City @ DENVER – The Broncos have been lights out against the other teams in their division since Peyton Manning came into town, and that’s been especially true of the Chiefs, and especially at Mile High Stadium. Yes, Peyton hasn’t played like the Manning of old this season, but the defense — after a small hiccup in Indianapolis — will get back on track and shut the door on Alex Smith & Co. Pick: BRONCOS.

New England @ NY GIANTS – I so want to pick the Giants to win this one, and they have the track record to pull off the upset here, but I feel like Bill Belichick will have schemed even more to take care of the strengths of this Giants team. Which of course means Odell Beckham, Jr. So other players will have to step up, and I’m not really sure if the Giants have some unsung hero who can take out the team from New England. Pick: PATRIOTS.

Arizona @ SEATTLE – I’m still not sold on the Seahawks being “back,” but I do know their track record against Carson Palmer, and I do know their track record at home. I just don’t care about any of it. They almost lost to the Lions at home. The Lions. So I can definitely see the Cards coming into Seattle and handling the Seahawks. And you will see it on Sunday night. Pick: CARDINALS.


Houston @ CINCINNATI – Brian Hoyer for president. No, seriously. While he hasn’t been spectacular, he has definitely been steady for the Texans this season, but this is a step up in competition for him, facing a Bengals team that has been perfect so far. And that Houston defense has not been great this year, which will be the difference in this one. Andy Dalton and A.J. Green will dominate the defense, and that will take care of this game. Pick: BENGALS.



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