Week 15 Top 5’s

This time of season it’s all about attrition. Giovani Bernard and Jeremy Hill have proven themselves untrustworthy. I mean, would you want your fantasy season to hinge on one of the two to step up to the plate? Besides, even if one of them did go off this week, would you trust yourself to know which one it would be? I certainly don’t, so I won’t be starting either one in this all-important matchup.

Speaking of matchups, I’m the #1 seed in the fantasy playoffs of the league for which I am commissioner, and if you think that puts pressure on me then you’re absolutely right. Throughout the season I’ve been playing the numbers game, playing the matchups, and playing as many Monday night guys as possible. Why M0nday nights, you ask? Because it’s been a winning formula for me so far. Any time I’ve figured out a way to get several Monday night guys into my lineup I’ve won that matchup. It will be no different this week, in my first playoff action after last week’s bye.

Here’s to the Playoff Top 5’s…

Top 5 QBs

  1. Blake Bortles (JAC)
  2. Tom Brady (NE)
  3. Russell Wilson (SEA)
  4. Kirk Cousins (WAS)
  5. Cam Newton (CAR)

Top 5 RBs

  1. Adrian Peterson (MIN)
  2. Denard Robinson (JAC)
  3. Lamar Miller (MIA)
  4. DeAngelo Williams (PIT)
  5. Tim Hightower (NO)

Top 5 WRs

  1. DeAndre Hopkins (HOU)
  2. Brandon Marshall (NYJ)
  3. Allen Robinson (JAC)
  4. Julio Jones (ATL)
  5. Doug Baldwin (SEA)

Top 5 TEs

  1. Rob Gronkowski (NE)
  2. Delanie Walker (TEN)
  3. Greg Olsen (CAR)
  4. Jordan Reed (WAS)
  5. Travis Kelce (KC)

Top 5 Ks

  1. Chris Boswell (PIT)
  2. Blair Walsh (MIN)
  3. Stephen Gostkowski (NE)
  4. Steven Hauschka (SEA)
  5. Randy Bullock (NYJ)

Top 5 D/STs

  2. JETS



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