As the Playoff Challenge comes to a close for the 2016 post-season I’m in a position I haven’t been in for a few years (since Kaepernick had that huge game against the Packers) — near the top of the Challenge standings. But this year’s playoffs have been interesting, to say the least. The Panthers — who everyone seemed to pan with each round like they did all year — have arrived at the Super Bowl against the team everyone thought would lose to the Tom Bradys. Uh, I mean, to the Patriots.

Here is the Best Roster for the Conference Round…


As you can see, most of the players who did well in the Conference Round are from the two teams who made the Super Bowl, but only Cam Newton and the Panthers defense were top choices going in. It means that many owners in the contest are grabbing new players to fill out their rosters for the Super Bowl. And many others are just giving up because they lost their Patriots and Cardinals players, and they know they have no shot at taking down the top prize.

Here is the most picked lineup for the Super Bowl…


A lot of owners have gone with the combination of C.J. Anderson and Demaryius Thomas because they don’t trust Corey Brown or Mike Tolbert, but the rest of the lineup is pretty obvious where the Playoff Challenge owners are leaning. They trust that the Panthers will win the Super Bowl, and will do better offensively than the Broncos. I have a different perspective.

Here’s my Super Bowl lineup…


I’m going in with bonuses on every player, which means I had no choices to make this week. Before the Conference Round I decided on alternative players like Whittaker, Hillman, and Sanders instead of Mike Tolbert, C.J. Anderson, and Demaryius Thomas. I have 4x multipliers on key players like Newton, Olsen, and Ginn, while I can get bonus points from the Denver defense if they do take down the Panthers.

Hopefully you are also heading into the Super Bowl round with all of your players having multipliers, but if you aren’t I would advise taking the path less traveled. Go with all Denver players, or all Carolina players, whoever you see taking home the championship, and hope they take care of business. Good luck.



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