2017 Round of 32 Picks

Well, that was a pretty uninspiring Round of 64, especially if you were upset minded in your bracket picks. Here’s how I did…

  • 25 of 32 winners
  • 11 over 6 winners in Rhode Island & Xavier
  • 12 over 5 winner in Middle Tennessee
  • All of my Elite 8 teams are still alive

Which means absolutely nothing when it comes to this Round of 32 because any number of upsets can still happen. I’m just hoping that the ones I picked are the ones that occur, and that all of the 1 and 2 seeds (except Kentucky — sorry Wildcats) go through to the Sweet 16.

Here are my picks for the Round of 32:


(1)VILLANOVA vs. (8)Wisconsin — (1)VILLANOVA
(5)VIRGINIA vs.(4)Florida — (5)VIRGINIA
(11)USC vs. (3)BAYLOR — (3)BAYLOR
(7)S. Carolina vs. (2)DUKE — (2)DUKE


(1)KANSAS vs. (9)Michigan State — (1)KANSAS
(5)IOWA STATE vs. (4)Purdue — (5)IOWA STATE
(11)RHODE ISLAND vs. (3)Oregon — (11)RHODE ISLAND
(7)Michigan vs. (2)LOUISVILLE — (2)LOUISVILLE


(1)N. CAROLINA vs. (8)Arkansas — (1)N. CAROLINA
(6)Cincinnati vs. (3)UCLA — (3)UCLA
(10)WICHITA STATE vs. (2)Kentucky — (10)WICHITA STATE


(1)GONZAGA vs. (8)Northwestern — (1)GONZAGA
(5)Notre Dame vs. (4)WEST VIRGINIA — (4)WEST VIRGINIA
(11)XAVIER vs. (3)Florida State —(11)XAVIER
(10)VCU vs. (2)ARIZONA — (2)ARIZONA



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