2017 Sweet 16 Picks

Mayday! Mayday! The top seed is down. Following on the heels of Nova’s exit, both Louisville and Duke decided they were also taking their ball and going home. That’s not to take anything away from the top notch programs at Wisconsin, at Michigan, and at South Carolina (it hurt even typing that), but the fact remains.

We are down to the final 16 teams out of the initial 68 that populated this tournament as recently as last Tuesday. In the remaining tally there are the 3 one-seeds left (and I see one losing in this round), there are 2 two-seeds still hanging around, and one whole region has gone exactly according to seed (the West).

The glory of March Madness has firmly taken hold once again. Does this mean a crazy Sweet 16 and a few surprise teams in the Elite 8? Here are my Sweet 16 picks:


(8)WISCONSIN vs. (4)Florida — (8)WISCONSIN
(3)BAYLOR vs.(7)S. Carolina — (3)BAYLOR


(1)KANSAS vs. (4)Purdue — (1)KANSAS
(3)OREGON vs. (7)Michigan — (3)OREGON


(1)N. Carolina vs. (4)BUTLER — (4)BUTLER
(3)UCLA vs. (2)Kentucky — (3)UCLA


(1)GONZAGA vs. (4)West Virginia — (1)GONZAGA
(11)XAVIER vs. (2)Arizona — (11)XAVIER



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