Lineup Moves | Week 6

Who decided the life of one of our founding fathers was meaty fodder for a Broadway musical? I mean, Alexander Hamilton wasn’t even a president (he was killed in a duel with Aaron Burr prior to any presidential aspirations), but he somehow has this stage show AND a specialty beer named after him, made exclusively in Philadelphia. He posthumously enjoys this second life because someone gave him a chance.

Last week Jacquizz Rodgers got a second chance at shining, and he did everything he could to take advantage of it. He parlayed it into a great fantasy outing, and he was in my lineup, so I reaped the rewards of said great fantasy outing. That’s the glory of fantasy football, that from week to week someone has the ability to explode for a ton of fantasy points seemingly out of nowhere.

And just like Hamilton, this week will showcase another fantasy also-ran who will become relevant, and who might actually lead your team to fantasy glory. But who will it be? Here are my Lineup Moves for Week 6…


1. Andy Dalton (vs. NE) – Anyone else see Tom Brady & Co. starting off slow? Yeah, me either. And junk time touchdowns still count as touchdowns. I see Dalton needing and getting those in a comeback effort. Don’t count him out just because he’s playing the Patriots.

2. Alex Smith (@ OAK) – Do you see Oakland’s defense stopping many teams not named the Browns this year? Yeah, me either. Sensing a theme here? This one plays out to me as a shootout, and if you don’t remember, Smith does well in high scoring contests. Having Jamaal Charles back helps him out in the passing game too.

3. Derek Carr (vs. KC) – This will probably be the last time I talk about Carr here because he’s quickly becoming matchup proof, at least for fantasy purposes. He’s been as consistent as there is in the fantasy world this season, so keep him out there this week. The Chiefs can be burned deep, and Carr has the deep ball in his arsenal.

4. Tyrod Taylor (vs. SF) – The only mobile quarterback people are talking about in this game takes the field for the opposing team, but the one who will have better numbers on the field is Terrific Tyrod (I’m trying to make that a “thing”). That 49ers defense isn’t really scaring any good QBs these days, and for good reason. Get Taylor active.

AVOID: Brock Osweiler (vs. IND) – If you haven’t already dropped Osweiler in your league, now might be the time to open up a bench spot by sailing him off to the waiver wire. He’s just too inconsistent, and even with what should be a good matchup against the Colts hapless defense, I don’t trust him. Avoid at all costs.


1. Jordan Howard (vs. JAC) – He did everything but score a TD on the ground last week (he caught one instead), and has cemented himself into the starting gig in Chicago. With that performance he should also cement himself into your fantasy lineup. I picked him up before last week, and he’s not moving from my starting lineup (except for the bye).

2. Tevin Coleman (@ SEA) – I know. I know. It’s in Seattle. But I’m all in on this thing Atlanta has with Coleman. They get him the ball out in space and let him work his magic. It worked even in the high air of Cleveland, and it will work in Seattle. Don’t sleep on any of the key pieces of that Atlanta attack, even against the Seahawks. Even in Seattle.

3. Jeremy Hill (@ NE) – The only way the Bengals keep Tom Brady off the field is to keep the ball on the ground early and often. Hill is the workhorse, and he will be busy early. And… you can run on the Patriots. He will keep the chains moving, and he’s the short yardage, goal-line back, so he has a good chance to score in this one too.

4. Bilal Powell (@ ARI) – Monday night is going to tell us a lot about both teams, but one thing that you should already know is that Powell is digging deep into Matt Forte’s workload, AND he’s the passing downs back already. The Cardinals haven’t done a great job against backs who can also make receptions, and Powell will continue that tradition.

AVOID: Frank Gore (@ HOU) – Perhaps you don’t have the luxury of sitting Gore, but limit your expectations against a Texans front that can dominate the offensive line of the Colts. These Colts have been patchwork at best, and Gore still hasn’t hit the 100-line mark in his time in Indianapolis. He will have to score to salvage a quality fantasy day, and I don’t see it happening.


1. Randall Cobb (vs. DAL) – Yes, Cobb has been a colossal disappointment so far this season, but he’s due to break out sometime. You spent a relatively high draft pick on him, and I know him riding your bench isn’t optimal. This should be the week to dust him off. Dallas has been vulnerable in the slot, and with Nelson back to full power, it will take some of the pressure off Cobb. Get him active.

2. Eli Rogers (@ MIA) – The Dolphins will scheme to keep the ball away from Antonio Brown, and while that won’t work it will take some coverage off some of the other guys who can and will beat them as well. Sammie Coates was the big waiver wire pickup, but Rogers in the slot will have the better game here because that’s a big problem for this Miami team.

3. Terrelle Pryor (@ TEN) – If you read all of my columns you’ll know that I’m in on the Browns this week. I think Isaiah Crowell will have a great day, but I’m in on Gary Barnidge too. However, the biggest cog in that wheel is Pryor, who will have another yeoman’s effort doing everything in this one. He will have a special day.

4. Willie Snead (vs. CAR) – Can you say shootout? I can. And in the Big Easy this weekend there’s a huge chance for just that. I like every single upper tier player on both sides but I think Snead has the potential to be better than all the others. He’s a huge target for Brees in the red zone, and he could easily score multiple touchdowns.

AVOID: Sterling Shepard (vs. BAL) – Just when you started to get used to Shepard as a fantasy mainstay he comes crashing back down to earth. If you’ve had him in the lineup the last two weeks, you have my condolences. But he’s going to be the epitome of inconsistent going forward. That’s because Eli is going to be the epitome of inconsistent. You should have sold high on him after week 3.


1. Charles Clay (vs. SF) – Keep an eye on his availability for this one (he is still questionable while I write this), but if he’s active he should be active for you as well. Taylor has kept him involved in the offense during this win streak and nothing should change here. He’s a big target and a safety valve in the option read.

2. Zach Miller (vs. JAC) – Is every single quality tight end hurting this week? Another with a questionable tag as of this writing, Miller has been a top target for Brian Hoyer since he took the reigns in Chicago. Against a vulnerable Jacksonville defense, Miller will have a huge day if he’s active.

3. Zach Ertz (@ WAS) – I really like Carson Wentz this week, and Ertz is due for a big game. He was being worked into the lineup last week, but the training wheels are off for this divisional rivalry game. Ertz will be active early and often in this one, and he will score a TD as well.

4. Richard Rodgers (vs. DAL) – Everyone thought Jared Cook would be a force with his move to Green Bay during the offseason, but he’s been a colossal bust so far (when he’s even been active). I like the Rodgers to Rodgers connection, and Rodgers seems to like it as well. Against a weak secondary, Rodgers has the chance to shine and score in this one.

AVOID: Dennis Pitta (@ NYG) – He was the waiver wire darling just a few scant weeks ago, but now he’s back where he belongs. That entire Ravens offense is just a bit too iffy from week to week to count on. He might have a dynamic game this week, but the Giants have been pretty good against tight ends so far, and he could easily put up a goose egg as well.


1. James White (vs. CIN) – With Brady back that running game is no longer Blount’s to take on. They’re getting White out in space and it’s already paying dividends. Of course Dion Lewis will be back soon, but for this week at least you can confidently start White as a flex option.

2. Ryan Mathews (@ WAS) – I know I wasn’t on the Mathews bandwagon last week. Coming back from injury is never an ideal time to start someone who might usually have flex appeal, like Mathews, but he scored and had the majority of the touches. The game plan should be the same in our nation’s capital, and you should keep him active.

3. Justin Forsett (vs. LA) – It hasn’t been too long since Forsett was a force (get it?) with the Ravens, and even though he was never “that guy” this season, this is a chance to start over. He should be the main man this week for a banged up running back corps in Detroit, and I trust him to get one hundred all-purpose yards, which is good enough for this flex spot.

4. Jarvis Landry (vs. PIT) – No, Landry hasn’t been the beast I expected him to be this season in Adam Gase’s offense, but the entire offense has been a shambles more often than not. However, Pittsburgh has shown that you can expose them from the slot, which is where Landry operates more often than not. You might be tempted to sit him this week, but keep him active.

AVOID: Spencer Ware (@ OAK) – Yes, Oakland is vulnerable to the run, but I expect Jamaal Charles is healthier than not, and I think he shoulders the load here. Even if he doesn’t, I expect a high scoring contest, which means if Ware’s in a timeshare he might not have a high floor.



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